How Secure Are VOIP Phone Systems?

The notion of a dedicated specialist phone system makes little sense for small businesses and sole traders, where a single mobile phone will generally suffice. For medium and large businesses, a cloud-based VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phone system with the capacity for expansion can be a prudent choice. Once you've decided upon a provider, the system is installed and is immediately up and running. While the basic configuration allows for each employee to be connected to the telecommunications systems via your company's IP, VOIP phone systems allow for much more, such as conference bridging in video and audio without using an external system, and modifiable auto attendant voice activated menu options for callers.

4 Business Phone Features that Improve Customer Service to Boost Profits

Your business telephone system is about more than just connecting your employees and your clients; ultimately, it is about boosting your profits. Regardless of the type of office you run, you should be using your phone service to strategically drive profits by improving customer service. To accomplish this, there are a range of features you should consider including the following four: 1. Live Voice Answering the Phone In the past, the best thing about business phone systems was that you could get an automated "