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How Secure Are VOIP Phone Systems?

The notion of a dedicated specialist phone system makes little sense for small businesses and sole traders, where a single mobile phone will generally suffice. For medium and large businesses, a cloud-based VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phone system with the capacity for expansion can be a prudent choice. Once you've decided upon a provider, the system is installed and is immediately up and running. While the basic configuration allows for each employee to be connected to the telecommunications systems via your company's IP, VOIP phone systems allow for much more, such as conference bridging in video and audio without using an external system, and modifiable auto attendant voice activated menu options for callers. It offers an advanced system that is cost-effective and easy to access, with the system being configured to your company's needs. But what sort of security configurations would be appropriate?

Securely Outsourced

Just as the development and implementation of your company's website would be outsourced, the same can be true of your company's cloud phone system. You would have certain administrative capabilities for your website, allowing you to update information and remove any obsolete details, but the implementation and maintenance would be handled offsite. With a cloud phone system, much like any managed web application, any glitches will be identified and addressed by the system providers, and the same applies to any necessary patches and system upgrades. Your administrative needs would largely be limited to granting access to new employees (activating an extension for them), and removing access as needed upon an employee's departure from the company. The operational security of the system will be taken care of by the system providers.

Security Features

But the level of required additional security needs to be addressed. The available security features will vary from provider to provider, so the onus is on you to ensure that you select a provider which meets your needs, along with having the capacity to expand your system as needed. For this reason, it can be prudent to opt for a larger provider with clearly defined security protocols, such as the NEC cloud phone system. There are a number of security applications that need to be considered.

  • The remote accessibility of the VOIP phone system should be configured to prevent piggybacking, which is essentially when the system is hacked, allowing entities and individuals to use your telephone system as a communications tool for their own purposes, basically perpetuating a phone scam for which you pay the cost of the calls.
  • Heightened accessibility protection also prevents data breaches, wherein a hacker could conceivably eavesdrop on calls, becoming privy to sensitive corporate data and customer information.

By design, VOIP phone systems are secure, and yet you need to ensure that your prospective provider offers the necessary additional security features you need to run your business efficiently and safely