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4 Business Phone Features that Improve Customer Service to Boost Profits

Your business telephone system is about more than just connecting your employees and your clients; ultimately, it is about boosting your profits. Regardless of the type of office you run, you should be using your phone service to strategically drive profits by improving customer service.

To accomplish this, there are a range of features you should consider including the following four:

1. Live Voice Answering the Phone

In the past, the best thing about business phone systems was that you could get an automated "secretary" to answer your calls and route them properly, and if you think that option is best for your business, you can still do that. For example, your automated system can answer the most popularly asked questions about your hours and location.

However, if you want to decrease hold times and increase call retention, you can also find business phone systems that connect your callers to a live voice. Research shows that callers routed to a live voice hold for less than a minute while those who reach an automated system hold for closer to 2 minutes.

2. Hold Music

Regardless of which option you choose, make sure your customers don't just face dead air when they are holding. That is disconcerting and can lead people to believe they have been disconnected, thus prompting them to hang up. Instead, they should be hearing music or ads and info about your products and services. Consider your options to find something tasteful for your target audience.

3. Phone & File Integration

When your clients are on the phone with your employees, imagine how smoothly the call will go if the employee has all of the information about that client in front of them. For example, if you sell products or services, your employee should see that client's previous purchases or what services that client typically needs.

You can achieve this effect with a phone system that is fully integrated with your computer file system. When a call gets transferred to one of your employees, their computer should immediately light up with that caller's file.

4. Bill Pay Over the Phone

If your customers owe you money, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to pay you. Unfortunately, with the competing demands for people's money, many people may refuse to work with a business if the payment methods aren't convenient.

Ideally, customers should be able to pick up their phones, dial your number, and then, easily and securely pay their bill using a voice or touch activated system.

Learn more about these and other options by contacting companies like Datavoice Communications.